When asked to write a forward for the "Fred Writes" page I leaped at the opportunity without a moments hesitation. Here was my chance to let the world know and more importantly, let Fred know,how great his influence on me and this magazine was, as both a writer and as a friend.I could say things that would be too embarassing,appear too "phony" over a dinner table or in our almost daily phone conversations.After all,I knew Fred for what seemed like an eternity.Before college,the Networker,the many marriages,the hair loss-we knew each other.We shared all the experiences of our generation together and now ,middle-aged,decrepit,we would share the final mad spiral into illness and death,as always,together.
Before that inevitability,let me say something about Fred and writing.Fred was always a writer.His early letters were fabulous combinations of Freud,Marx(Groucho),and the Wolfe boys, Tom and Thomas. He always wrote from the deepest of personal experiences but with a hat tipped to the context of his life in the larger canvas.During the Vietnam War he was both soldier and critic of the war(film).Not an easy tight-rope to walk for a grocers son,an immigrants son from the Bronx.After the war,law school,marriage,the job market.We kept in touch,by phone,by letter,seeing each other as often as our new lives would allow.My parallel life took me to Washington,marriage and the founding of a small newsletter that would grow into an award winning magazine,the Family Therapy Networker.After some friendly persuasion Fred would write his first piece for this magazine,"Placemats"and the rest,as they say,is history.
What you are about to read is the journey of an artist, a friend. I'm extremely proud to present the "writer",Fred Wistow.