November -December, 1985

Examining the age-old question, "What do you need it for"

A Safe Harbor

January - February, 1986

A client constructs a new life on the mean streets of the Bronx.

Being There

March - April, 1986

A trip on a roller coaster called the Forum.


November - December,

In a corner of our minds is a voice that reminds us that we are, like everyone else who ever lived, mortal, expendable. How we react to this voice determines how we live our lives.

The Facts of Life

March - April, 1988

Is the secret of sex that nobody knows what they're doing?

A Quiet Season

March - April, 1991

A glimpse of mortality sets a man off in search of his Walden.

Eight Things We Know About Time

January - February 1995

Of snooze alarms, faxes and Franz Kafka.

Confessions of a Lifelong Therapy Addict

July - August 1997

Can therapy create permanent change, or is the quest for the ultimate breakthrough just part of the problem?